Project Details



During the development of their environmental sensor, TZOA asked me to create a promotional toolkit including flyers and a poster. They wanted to distribute it to 40+ from their ambasador community

Led creative direction and development on ambassador engagement projects during TZOA’s beta test of their environmental sensor technologies. I brought on and worked closely alongside a graphic designer. 


“Clean Air Tuesday”
A promotional campaign, web toolkit and interactive mapping activity designed to support TZOA's ambassadors' mission of building awareness around TZOA and air pollution in their communities. The experience we designed kicks off the Clean Air Tuesday campaign, which ambassadors are responsible to maintain. Ultimately, it will introduce 40+ global communities around the world to TZOA
Furthermore, in designing a tool to support TZOA's Ambassadors, I also designed a tool that's integrated with long-term business value and will support TZOA in launching into consumer markets.

Our interactive mapping activity is a global conversation captured on a map and will deliver data that can be turned into valuable insight about the current state of each community around the world's needs and wants with respect to air quality. With that insight, TZOA will be able to proceed with a smart and an informed partnership and business development strategy specific to their customers around the world.

Check out the video we created for Ambassadors to learn how they can lead they TZOA MY AIR and CLEAN AIR TUESDAY activities in their communities.


Promotional Materials
Created user-centered graphic materials communicating that went above and beyond our client’s expectations. These included an informational flyer, an curiosity-evoking, “interactive” promotional poster and CES conference booth design materials, all of which have allowed the founding team to reach and engage more people around their product.