Key Problem: Local Orbit's market makers

Background: Local Orbit's market makers facilitate transactions between foodservice providers and food producers. In face of increasing demand for local, small-farm products, foodservice providers and buying groups aren't able to meet the quantity and quality of food demanded. At the same time, small farmers are unable to sell to larger institutions, without compromising their business values of maintaining a small farm. 

Market makers, like CSA's, food hubs and producer co-ops, aggregate food from small farmers, providing foodservice providers with a way to place high volume orders of local food, and providing small farmers with a viable and reliable market.  However, coordinating business operations remains a challenge.  From marketing, financing and logistics, managing the complexity of their operations is a challenge for market makers.  Local Orbit's software addresses that by providing them with a streamlined software that allows them to better facilitate the relationship between buyers and sellers. 

Concept and prototype delivered.
Implemented done by Local Orbit as seen here: