Making it easy for youth coaches to engage kids in a running program

Running Start

Training video platform for youth running coaches


At Reservoir Films I managed a multi-year project commissioned by the New York Road Runner Foundation from conception to production. NYRR Running Start is an open platform consisting of 83 videos created with and for youth coaches to support their success coaching running fundamentals.

Working alongside running experts, coaches, exercise physiologists and NYRR's staff, we developed lesson plans under four main categories (form, games, pacing, stretches and strength) for three age groups (lower, middle and upper school). Our challenge was to craft consistent language and build a short, engaging and easy to follow framework for the lessons. 

In addition to delivering 80+ videos, we urged NYRRF to place more attention on the user experience for the coaches and presented them with a proposal for an app, which I developed and mocked-up in keynote. Unfortunately they're unable to take it further, but we hang on to hope that it might become a priority in the future! 

View the trailer below and check out the enter collection